What is Frivolitas card game?

The project Frivolita revolves around a very special card game, which shows in a frivolous and tasteful way "real" Larp characters on poker cards, which can be traded and collected as a game object in the Larp.

The cards were and will be financed by a crowdfunding and celebrated on the Conquest 2019 their successful premiere.

The little art pieces quickly developed into an alternative intimate currency and provided many game experiences for models, dealers and card hunters. Especially for non-combatant characters, the trading of the frivolous poker cards offers new game approaches and connects all sorts of characters beyond the convention plot.


Many play stations on the Conquest (taverns, bathhouse dealers, etc.) have offered "under the counter" poker cards against IT currency and other RPGs, and we continue to make the concept accessible to as many players as possible.

The project is intended to generate role play.

Collecting, searching for and exchanging cards is part of the concept. Opportunities to earn a complete set were rare and will remain a rare opportunity to play next year.


Behind the project is a small team of Larper, who support the initiator and illustrator of the project.

To get to know the individual participants better look at the "who we are" area!