How is the project financed?

In order for the illustrator and her small team of in-Time and out-Time helpers who are behind the card game to continue the project, they need the support of the players.

Printing cost

The printing costs of the project will be financed through crowdfundings on Startnext.

For each crowdfunding special limited crowdfunding cards appear which are not available in the regular card set but are only available to supporters of the crowdfunding.

Working time

Working time, which illustrator Melanie can invest in the project, is supported by the fan base.

The project has a KoFi page where all supporters can donate "working hours".

The individual goals are divided into 500 euro blocks. The drawer can invest a monthly working time (10 hours per week) for every 500 euros until the next card set is completed.

The working time is not limited to drawing the cards, but also to the communication and the creation of contributions and images for the social media channels, the maintenance of the email account, the planned exhibition appearances of the project, the planning and implementation of the crowdfunding and the further conception for future card editions.


Another possibility to support the project is Frivolitas Spreadshirtshop.

It is filled with new designs at irregular intervals. So everyone can proudly display his patronage for the project!


Every Euro generated by Ko-Fi or Spreadshirt flows into the card game project and thus ultimately into the fun of the Larp community.