Rules in general

The one sending the application has to also be the person, whose application it is, meaning the person on the pictures!

Applications sent in another person stead are NOT allowed and will be ignored!

This is important as I’m not allowed to transform someone in art, without that person’s consent. I need your personal approval and the approval of the terms and conditions for the application.


One character per person, per group!

Multiple applications are possible if one person sends in applications for different groups with DIFFERENT characters.

The look is important. If two characters of the same person look almost the same it counts as multiple applications of the SAME character and will be ignored.

The decision lies with me. If I notice, that someone tries to send in the same character with a lot of different pictures in different groups, this person will be blocked for the deck.  

Send in the applications on time during the application periods!

Characters who send in the application for the wrong group, will be ignored.

For emergency or last call applications I have two groups (Regions/Race) at the end of the applicationsperiods. But keep in mind, that by this time most card slots will be occupied and only a few will be left, so the chances aren’t looking good by then.

If you can’t decide in which group your character fits, orient yourself by that he does most of the time. If he writes a lot, he’s probably educated, if he fights a lot, then you are a fighter.

If your character fits in many different groups, then choose one. Like I’ve said before, multiple applications with the same character in different groups is against the rules.



The application can only have at the most, 4 pictures and a (please keep it short) description of the character in the pictures.

The description can be something like “I am (IC name) and am the (Title) of … and belong to the (Group). Or something like “I am the IC brother of (OT name of another applicant) and we want to be together on an ace card.

It doesn’t mean that when you send your application with the wish to be on an ace, that you could be on two cards or that you will be on an ace.

Picture rules

The 4 pictures will ideally be meeting the following criteria:

(this means they don’t have to meet these criteria, but it would help me a lot)


-       A fullbody picture of the character

This doesn’t necessarily be from head to toe. The point is, that I get a good idea of the look of the character.

-       A portrait of the character

This could also be an OC-picture of you. The portrait is primarily about your facial expression.

-       A Detail picture of important garment parts or another fullbody/portrait picture from another angle or from close up.

This pictures gives me additional options to see your face or character from another angle, so that I can have more options with the pose on the card.

-       The fourth picture is up to the choice of the applicant.

Here you can put in another picture if it is necessary. For example details that are important to you.


All the pictures should be done in daylight

Color distortions are especially in torchlight or some photo filter the case and I would have some problems with coloring your character if I only get those kinds of pictures.


Please DON’T send me any nudes! A bare Chest is allowed, but not necessary. The pose of the character in the pictures doesn’t matter. I will decide the pose myself.