The crowdfunding to finance the 2020 gentlemen's set is successfully over.

As in the previous year, the rewards to the supporters will be exclusive villain cards that are not included in the regular sets!
There is a whole bunch of nice cards to get and I will be more courageous about the funding goals this year! I have brought the CF to a size that there will surely be a reward for everyone and that not everything will be completely sold out within 11 minutes and I still have to add additional quotas. I'm curious!

If we actually sell out the entire funding, we will get a 150% card run (based on the numbers from last year). In plain language, that means 255 card sets in total, whereby I will use 20% of the amount for a second edition of the women's set. This ensures that all hunters from last year have the chance to find and complete the women's sets again.

Here you can get a first taste of the thank you: