Who are we

Please keep the following information under OC-knowledge about you and not to belittle the fun! Thanks!

The artist and inventor of Frivolita

My name is Melanie "Phantagrafie" Philippi, professional illustrator for role-playing and book publishing, private clients and self-publishers.

You can see my portfolio here:


In addition to my job I play a lot of pen & paper, larp myself and enjoy my nerd-existence to the fullest.

I'm passionate about the RPG scene and love coming into contact with other RPGs at conventions.

I combine two worlds with Frivolita: the illustration and my love for the role playing.


The artist Frivolita is a cover identity.

I want to create a kind of LARP-Banksy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banksy) with Frivolita.

An art figure that attracts and is equally popular.

Behind Frivolita is my Larpchar, who tries to hide her true identity in order to bring her cards and her free-spirited ideas to the people at the conventions I visit.

The "Lionheart"

I am Gian Heimann, computer scientist and artistically absolutely untalented. Born as a nerd, Pen & Paper Player for years and since 2 years also Larper.

I like conceptual challenges, that's why I followed Frivolita's call and designed and implemented the sales concept. I had a lot of trust from Melanie and support especially from the salon lions and also from the distribution partners, especially IC.

IC Nadim only once bet on the wrong pig and already he has no more money for his studies at the academy Nogood. Since then, he works in the Arbeytsvermittlerey Al Sabara to get back some money. He still looks for extra income, when Frivolita arrived. This extra income was then suddenly his main job and it will probably be for some more campaigns.

The game weasel

I'm Dennis Lippold, computer scientist and ... hey Gian wrote that already! But I really don't have any artistic talent either. I LARP since I was 12 years old, I had my first pen & paper experience a few months before and also took pretty much all the nerd hobbies I found.

Melanie's project start and the related call for employees coincided pretty perfectly with my change of conquest character from the Plothunter to my ambience gambler gypsy ... Gilori (!) Character. Doing business with cards, a bit dodgy but basically nice, being at the source of an interesting collection, it would have been hard to find anything more appropriate. So I got into a very cool team and have already been able to draw a lot of nice game from it.

Joa now my motivation to participate has already done half of the character conception. So Marinelli Schickamo Salgado is one of the two "heads" of the Salgado family, a Gilori (our IC word for Gypsies, Gypsys, Zahori, Sinthi, Roma, ...) family, which consists of a colorful bunch of musicians, artists, artists, artisans and there are people like me who lack such talent and who have to look for other businesses to contribute to the family.