Distributor criteria

In order to be a sales partner at the Conquest 2020, the following criteria must be met:


- The station must be occupied for most of the IC time.

- The station must be PUBLIC accessible to all players

- The station must determine a main person responsible for playing with the cards.

- The team that looks after the play station must be briefed and, if necessary, the main contact person for the Frivolita project can be represented.


- Individual players can not become distributors. not even if they run a business. Distributors are always stationary locations with multiple stakeholders.

Exception to the rule: the player is a "quest giver": an important NPC (in consultation with the Conorga) or a role that occupies an "office" occupied by many players.

- Individual play groups cannot become distribution partners.

Exception to the rule: the play group represents a public institution and looks after it (like the Mages Guild or the city guard)


- The cards must not leave the station. They are distributed exclusively to the players from there.

- The cards are ONLY for IT money, other role-playing assets like quest items, IT tasks, dice games or other IT-enabled promotions
- The cards are purchased ONLY for IT money or role-playing values ​​in the form of IT-negotiated special deals by the Salon Lions (Frivolitas Team).