Salon (IC)

Here you can find IC information about the project. This knowledge can be found by your character and you can use it as a game hanger and starting point


What I am:

I am Frivolita.

I create art for the people. I am the voice of the freedom of art against the oppression of blue blood.

I do not stop at anyone. Whether crowned or outlaw, rich or poor, we all share the beauty of our bodies, the passion of our souls. Under each robe are the same desires and the same cravings in many bright colors.


I am free and unrecognized.

I am cheeky and brash and a little anarchic.

I dance on many weddings and haughty noses.

Money is just a means to an end. If I have enough of it, it bores me or does not make me happy I will throw it full of hands on the streets so that a beggar can become king!